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Deluxe Cleaning Solution Bundle

Deluxe Cleaning Solution Bundle

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✨ Includes:

  • Pink Soap: Gentle yet effective soap for washing.
  • Tire Dressing: Enhances and protects tire appearance.
  • Paint Wax: Adds a protective layer to your vehicle's paint.
  • Glass Cleaner: Ensures crystal-clear windows.
  • All Purpose Cleaner: Versatile cleaner for various surfaces.
  • 7 Waterless: Waterless cleaner for quick touch-ups.

🛍️ Plus Accessories:

  • Micro Fiber Towel: Soft cloth for gentle cleaning.
  • Wash Mitt: Mitt for easy and thorough washing.
  • Micro Fiber Nano Towel: Specialized towel for detailed work.
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